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In Goesur we Count with hosting plans. So you can have a new smile while you are visiting one of the safest cities of the country. Know the incredible Cenotes of Valladolid, Visit Chichen Itza, relax on any of our beaches while you get the teeth you always have wanted.

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Save more than 50% on a profesional dental service and get an appointment

Contac  us to get a quote for your accommodation. Our staff will work to give you the best price dependig on the duration of your dental treatment. All our departments are located near the Dental Oficce, so you can walk to your appointment, if you wish we can take you by car without extra charges.

Remember. We only Ofer this service in Merida city and Valladolid city (Mexico)   +52 9991 728741


Im always available to give you a personal  and trusted treatment. Dr. Gabriel Puerto.

+52 9991 728741

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